Fastcast Episode Nine: Games That Didn’t Work Out

We talk about Games That Didn’t Work Out- rpgs that just didn’t quite work for us, including Tremulus, Legends of the Wulin, Burning Empires, Gumshoe, and Scion.  We also talk about the difference between Inward and Outward facing games, mystery games, and dramatic irony.

Fastcast Episode Seven: Shadowrun and Cyberpunk Games

In this Episode, we talk about Shadowrun and other cyberpunk games, the problems presented by planning, hacking, and including fantasy elements.  We also talk about Sneakers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the only game Willow has found that maintains a serious tone.

Fastcast Episode Six: Tropes in Science Fiction

We talk about tropes to avoid in Science Fiction writing.

This list comes from the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, and you should read it.

Subscribers have access to the full show notes and a dramatic reading of the Spooky Works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Fastcast Episode Four: Mad Max: Fury Road

We talk about Mad Max: Fury Road, Apocalypse World Second Edition, Movies that Feel Like Games, the Appeal of Crime Fiction, Zodiac, Sandbox Games and the Crazy Stuff You Can Do In Them, and a New Game That Willow is Working On.

Fastcast Episode One: Creative and Transformative Fandom

Colin and Willow talk about the differences between Creative and Transformative Fandom, Kerbal Space Program, the Best Pilot Episode Ever, and the appeal of Apocalyptic Fiction.