Fastcast Episode Seventeen: Super Fatigue

Willow and Colin talk about Super Fatigue- have we reached the point of too many super hero movies?  Also, Willow pitches a Black Widow movie, we talk about the Comics Code Authority, and an exciting look into an alternate dimension!

Fastcast Episode Twelve: The Dialogue Between Video and Table Top Roleplaying Games

We talk about the ongoing dialogue between video games and tabletop roleplaying games.

Fastcast Episode Ten: Stories We’ve Seen Too Often

We talk about Stories We’ve Seen Too Often, from Strange Horizon’s submissions page.  (Which you can read here: and here: )

Fastcast Episode Nine: Games That Didn’t Work Out

We talk about Games That Didn’t Work Out- rpgs that just didn’t quite work for us, including Tremulus, Legends of the Wulin, Burning Empires, Gumshoe, and Scion.  We also talk about the difference between Inward and Outward facing games, mystery games, and dramatic irony.